Presented here of some photos of Mount St. Helens taken by Zeutenhorst family members from 1946–2009. A 1946 photo of Spirit Lake by Angie is followed by two photos from Bryan's first ascent of a dormant St. Helens in 1966. Fourteen years later on May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted and ash rained down on the family farm on Naches Heights as thunderstorms menaced the sky throughout the day. Photos taken later in the week by Dan and Angie show the snow-like appearance of the fallen dust and ash. Five months later, they accompanied Richard and Catherine along the Toutle River on the west side of the mountain to see the damage done by the massive flow of ash and debris. In September 2009, Catherine and Richard returned to St. Helens to find thousands of trees toppled by the eruption still much in evidence, along with a new dome ominously arising within the shattered crater.