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1 Died at age 91 Swier, Jacob (Jaap) (I698)
2 "...Tragically killed in a farm accident as she was run over when her father was hauling a load of sand. William came into the house grief stricken, with his little Reecca dead in his arms." Currah, Rebecca (I4865)
3 "1866 entry in diary of George James Dew reads: '- Nov. 20: Tuesday..Mr. William Wing's son, William Wing, Land Agent & Valuer, of Steeple Aston, became of age this day. The bells rang merrily at noon and evening, and I had heard that those of Barton were to do the same.'" Wing, William (I372)
4 "A letter to the Rector of Wootton, written by William on 5 January 1909, asks him for help in establishing his age, stating that he was born in Wootton and baptised at Wootton Church and that he must be near or quite 70 years. He says that his grandfather Thomas Southam changed the name to Sotham at the whim of Dr. Mavor, whom he understood lived in the area and who thought it a good idea to make the surname an anagram of the Christian name. William's address at the time of writing was: Durrington, Nr. Amesbury, Wilts. He signs Southam." Sotham (Southam), William Wing (I12178)
5 "A memorial statue for Sister Mary Thomas is at the Gardner Hinckley family cemetery in Washington, Louisiana. However, she is actually buried in New Orleans, Louisiana.

She was a nun at the Academy of the Holy Angels at 3523 N. Rampart St. in New Orleans." 
Hinckley, Mary Ida (Sister Mary Thomas) (I8287)
6 "A People with Convictions: A History of Sioux Center, Iowa 1870-1991" lists three daughters for Teunis Wayenberg and Geisje Vande Brake for whom no other corroborating evidence has been found. They are Allie, Rinnie, and Dina. Rinnie (Raak) and Dina (Hulshof) are clearly the wives of Henry and John Weyenberg, respectively. Waijenberg (Wayenberg), Teunis (I4346)
7 "Aboard 'Fortitude' captained by John Christmas" Hingston, Frederick (I4210)
8 "At the birth of her third child, Hannah, the maternal grandparents were listed as Joseph Wallas and Mary." Wallis, Mary (I4614)
9 "Beersheba: In the London baptisms of her first three children, her name is given as Barshaba and in the Oxford baptism of her son John, as Bersheba. Her name appears to be a corruption of Beersheba or Bathsheba." Beersheba (I3666)
10 "Believed to have been the daughter of Simon Jacque[s] Brignac and Marie Turpin." Brignac, Marie Jeanne (I3589)
11 "Bostick" is frequently given as an unsourced surname Lucy (I18456)
12 "Buried under chancel" Wing (Whinge), Robert (I16208)
13 "Buried under chancel." Wing (Whing), Samuel (I16206)
14 "Door een hiaat in het doopboek van 1714 to 1723 is van de laast drie kinderen de doop datum niet vast te stelle."

A gap in the baptismal register from 1714 to 1723 makes impossible to date the baptisms of the last three children. 
Kooijman, Reynder Claasz (I4454)
15 "Drown escaping from Indians War" Kettenring, Frederick (I668)
16 "Edmund Creek was a neighbour of William Wing (b. 1762) and his daughter Mary married William Wing's son William (b. 1810). Edmund Creek of Rousham and Steeple Aston." Creek, Edmund (I2405)
17 "Entry from the diary of George James Dew: 'April 23: Went my usual Friday's journey. - Early this morning Miss Mary Hore, aged 49 years, departed this life. She had been ailing for some years, but not to require constant medical attendance till the last two or three months; & shortly before death ate her usual breakfast. - She was the daughter of the late William Hore, a Tallow Chandler & Grocer, & for many years jointly with her surviving sister Elizh. Creek Hore kept a ladies' boarding school at Lower Heyford. As I was a scholar in their school many years, & had all the rudiments of education rooted in me while under their charge, I must give a passing notice of the sisters who were my schoolmistresses. By far the greater of my time I was taught by the elder sister, Miss Elizabeth Creek Hore, & not till two or three years before I left was I in "Miss Mary's class" as it was familiarly called. Both of them possessed unswerving firmness of character, amounting almost in some instances to stupidity, but of this trait it may be said to be a characteristic of the whole family. Both are practical Christians, in very word & deed, & neither belong to the Established Church. They always attended the Methodist Chapel, and their scholars with them, but a relative or a pupil accompanies the scholars to the parish church every Sunday morning. The late Mary Hore was I believe a Baptist, having been baptised (or rather re-baptised) when a young woman, but her view of religion must have been very gloomy for in external behaviour she had all the appearance, save of dress, of a nun; & her friends frequently stated that if she belonged to the Roman Catholic Church no doubt she would have become a most austere nun. Of her thorough & a deep knowledge of Theology there can be no doubt, but I believe the gloom which pervaded her religious life may be partly if not entirely attributed to a disease of the liver & heart from which for some years she had suffered. There is no doubt she was a good woman, & the joint care & instruction of these upright women will doubtless be yet felt through many a rising generation. While not faultless, as indeed who is faultless!, their characters are most blameless & their lives irreproachable. - It may also be noted that the deceased taught Music & French in the School. Two brothers - Wm. Hore a farmer at Upper Heyford -- & The Rev: Edmund Hore, near Manchester - are still living. - Cause of death "Disease of Liver & Heart - some years. Dropsy - 1 month".'" Hore, Mary (I16142)
18 "From letters of the Court dated 1711-1712 in the Archives of the Port of Rochfort, it appears that Borderlon had left his wife at Le Harvre. In 1719 Dame Magdeleine de Richouf, wife of Jean Baptiste Thomas Borderlon, successfully sued her husband for separation of assets of their community." Bordelon, Jean Baptiste Thomas (I123)
19 "George James Dew writes in his diary on 23 April 1875: 'Miss Elizabeth Creek Hore the eldest sister -- a very plain person in appearance -- is very deaf.'" Hore, Elizabeth Creek (I16135)
20 "George James Dew, the Lower Heyford diarist writes on 14 June 1865: 'Had a long conversation with Mr. F. Creek on various subjects. He is a learned & excellent man....' and again on 8 January 1867: '-- Mr. F.F. Creek preaches & is in fact dissenter because of the great laxity of the clergy & the want of sound gospel being preached.'" Creek, Francis French (I5270)
21 "Hannah, the younger sister, who for so many years played the organ, married the Rev. A. Spencer, M.A., Assistant Curate here from 1872 to 1888...." Wing, Hannah (I72)
22 "Having no children, the couple [Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Van De Brake] adopted an orphan boy by the name of Tim Van Maanen to raise until his was twenty-one; Mr. and Mrs. Van Maanen having died leaving two boys, Jake and Tim, orphans. A short time after, Mrs. Van De Brake also died, leaving her husband and young protege to face the problem of a home without a mother."

--Sioux County Capital, "Among Our Subscribers, William G. Van De Brake," Orange City, 17 Sep 1936, p. 2. 
van Maanen, Tijmen (Tymen/Tim) (I4200)
23 "Her father was a Citizen of Oxford, attending the mayor at the Coronation of George III, by profession a brazier noted for his fine brass chandeliers with branches, one of which now hangs in Rousham church." Millachip, Frances (I190)
24 "In 1978 there were 168 descendants of this couple! They had 6 childred, 22 grandchildren, 86 great-grandchildren, 43 great-great grandchildren, and 11 who had died throughthe years. These 168 descendants represent 58 families." The Nut Tree by Barbara Herigstad Yuill, Henrietta Mary (Etta) (I4815)
25 "In his father's Will, he is left one shilling to be 'dissipated'." Wing, John (I16236)
26 "In his Will, refers to Rebecca as 'my now wife.' However no previous marriage has been traced and in the baptismal register Rebecca is shown as the mother of all his recorded childen." Wing (Winge), William (I16213)
27 "In the marriage records of Gabriel Laurent, son of Jean Baptiste and Magdeleine de Branchon (his first wife), Gabriel names his parents as Jean Baptist Bordelon and Henriette Rochecouart. It it possible that his father was married for a third time and Henriette was his step-mother." Bordelon, Jean Baptiste Thomas (I123)
28 "In the Parish Register, first described as a 'Grosier', later as 'of Smallware' and finally as a 'Heelmaker'." Millachip, George (I4435)
29 "Jeanne" does not appear in the Poitier sacramental records Pradeau, Marie (Jeanne) (I1859)
30 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Lincoln, L.J. (I328)
31 "John Curragh of Low Crosgill was churchwarden at St. John's Church in Garrigll in 1773." Currah, John (I4615)
32 "John is mentioned in his father's Will as his eldest son but there appears to be no baptismal record." Wing (Wynge), John (I5304)
33 "John William Gear (1806-1866) was an English-born portraitist, miniaturist, watercolor painter, and lithographer, who specialized in theatrical portraits. His greatest work was the publishing of a set of impressions of theater audiences, Portraits of the Public being Heads of Audiences, .... This work was to be published a few at a time in pamphlet form, but only number one ever appeared. He exhibited in London, 1821-1852, and came to Boston ca. 1852 and set-up a business for cleaning and restoring paintings. Although he exhibited his work at the Boston Athenaeum in 1855, he sank into poverty and in 1866 he committed suicide at his father's grave (Joseph Gear) in Mount Auburn Cemetery." Gear, John William (I243)
34 "Lane van der Lugt" van der Lugt/Vander Light, Gerrit Leendert (Leonard) (I2760)
35 "Married by Dr. J Tasselaar. Left on their honeymoon to America. Came to the United States on April 11, 1889. Certificate of Naturalization was dated '26th Oct. 1894, the 119th year of American Independence.' In the late 1890's Cornelius went into the brick building business. Bricks were such a necessary building material on the prairie. However, Cornelius lost everything. It took many years of the entire family's hard labor to pay back the debts and allow Cornelius by 1920 to once again see a financial future. This, too, was lost. In April 1921 Clara passed away and Alice in 1922. Cornelius and Gertrude lost their two daughters and all their earthly possessions within a 2-year period."

—Gertrude Korver 
Swier, Cornelis (Cornelius) (I696)
36 "met harr kint":with her child Willems, Maartje (I5673)
37 "Millachip 1 March 1919 at residence of his brother 7 Cavendish Rd Brondesbury, Ernest Handel husband of Fanny Millachip aged 50 years." Millachip, Ernest Handel (I227)
38 "Mrs. Herman Zeutenhorst left this week for Chicago where she was called by the death of her brother, Gerrit Westra." [Obviously, the death of her brother's wife Jennie on 24 Nov 1927.]

Alton Democrat, 2 Dec 1927. p. 3 
Smith, Jennie (I7170)
39 "Mrs. Laura H. Swier, 65, Cowiche, was killed Monday when the car she was driving rammed under a large truck on the outskirts of Yakima."

Tri City Herald (Pasco, WA) 2 Feb 1965 
Schmidt, Laura Helen (I290)
40 "Quite a number from here were at Boyden, Tuesday, in attendance at the funeral of Mr Jack Pryde, who died last week."
--The Sioux County Index, 3 June 1927, p. 1  
Pryde, John (Jack) (I4312)
41 "Sister Mary Thomas was a Catholic nun and teacher at the Academy of the Holy Angels in New Orleans and at St. Basil Academy, Plaquemine, Louisiana. Her birth name was Ida Hinckley and the name Mary Thomas was given to her upon becoming a Catholic nun." Hinckley, Mary Ida (Sister Mary Thomas) (I8287)
42 "The only Catherine Wallis born at the right time...but no sure proof that she is the correct one." Wallis, Catherine (I4231)
43 "Thomas Dixon is the first Dixon of our family living in Alston. In the record, he is listed as being of Blackburn. There is a Blackburn Bank to the southeast of Alston, about three miles away, near, Leadgate. Nore from from the Alston to Penrith A696 road. Ordinance Survey Grid reference NY 6942. Later called Crosby Ravesnworth." Dixon, Thomas (I4239)
44 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Fontenot, J.A. (I1921)
45 "van de Noorderdijk" Pieters, Marij (I5668)
46 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Lub, W. (I11062)
47 "William was a friend of George Dew, the Diarist of Lower Heyford. He had a farm of 82 acres employing 4 men, 2 boys & 2 women, but his principal occupation was that of land agent. He was also a noted antiquarian and local historian, writing a number of books on the history of his native area. The Return of Owners of Land shows him as the owner of 230 acres 35 poles." Wing, William (I187)
48 10 children Family: Capt. Orramel Hinkley / Anna Hawley Gardner (F2019)
49 10 children, 9 living Fournier, Marie-Amanda (I11443)
50 11 children Wassink, Elsie Elizabeth (I10812)

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