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Mantel: Trijntje Mantel Swier (1879-1957) and daughters at 45th wedding anniversary, 1945.
Mantel: Trijntje Mantel Swier (1879-1957) and daughters at 45th wedding anniversary, 1945.
Photo of Trijntje Mantel Swier (1879-1957) seated before her daughters on the occasion of her 45th wedding anniversary with Pieter Swier (1979-1961). Standing, left to right, Gertie (1917-2008), Kathryn (1920-2015), Ann (1912-2015), Minnie (1916-2011), Bertha (1906-1975), Jess (1905-1962), and Alice (1903-1999). 
  7 Dec 2019


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1698 Colon: Henriette 1698 Baptismal Record
1698 Colon: Henriette 1698 Baptismal Record
Image of original baptismal record of Henriette Colon from Notre-Dame de L'ImmaculĂ©e Conception des Kaskaskias as shown on 2017 PBS television documentary "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr." Several secondary sources and many family genealogies apparently rely upon a later transcription of the original document to assert that the baptismal record is that of a son "Henri" Colon. The name inscribed here is clearly "Henricam," a Latinized, feminine form of Henri, or in French, Henriette.  
  15 Nov 2019


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Karoleski, R.H. 
   13 Dec 2019
Strzynski, D. 
   13 Dec 2019
Swier, N. 
   13 Dec 2019
Lewis, Marilyn Ann 
b. 23 Dec 1933  Muskegon, Muskegon County, Michigan  13 Dec 2019
Swier, Donald Wayne 
b. 27 Oct 1932  Monmouth, Warren County, Illinois  13 Dec 2019
Swier, L.D. 
   13 Dec 2019
Swier, R.L. 
   13 Dec 2019
Swanson, L.M. 
   13 Dec 2019
Swanson, M.R. 
   13 Dec 2019
Karp, S.E. 
   13 Dec 2019

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I8826  Donald Wayne Swier  I8846  Marilyn Ann Lewis  19 Jun 1953  13 Dec 2019
 I5790  M.R. Swanson  I5789  R.L. Swier    13 Dec 2019
 I21359  J.C. Niemann  I21354  K.R. Swier    13 Dec 2019
 I2755  Peter (Pete) Swier, Jr.  I2771  Alice Van Duyn  2 May 1935  12 Dec 2019
 I2770  Emery John Joseph Fisher  I2754  Anna (Ann) Swier  2 Mar 1946  12 Dec 2019
 I21956  C. Frodyma, II  I21952  T.M. Bartkus    11 Dec 2019
 I21958  J.S. Kibuyaga, MD  I19128  Kathleen M. Fisher    11 Dec 2019
 I21955  M.F. Laabs  I21951  T.L.G. Bartkus    11 Dec 2019
 I21950  John Joseph Bartkus, IV  I21954  L.M. Brescia    11 Dec 2019
 I21953  G.E. Swaney  I21949  E.A. Bartkus    11 Dec 2019

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