Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bohannon, Cecile Edna  14 Dec 1893Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I590
2 Bohannon, Clara Mae  5 Jun 1883Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I631
3 Bohannon, Clinton Oliver  14 Apr 1900Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I484
4 Bohannon, Dorothy Alice  9 Feb 1906Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I591
5 Bohannon, Fredrick E.  9 Jun 1886Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I10186
6 Bohannon, George Washington  4 Jul 1871Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I277
7 Bohannon, Georgia Pauline  27 Nov 1896Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I592
8 Bohannon, Harry Marsh  20 Dec 1890Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I633
9 Bohannon, James Cattron  10 Sep 1867Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I627
10 Bohannon, Joseph W.  5 Jul 1882Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I10187
11 Bohannon, Martha Jane  27 Feb 1877Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I629
12 Bohannon, Mary Alice  2 Oct 1893Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I634
13 Bohannon, Nancy Eliza  29 Jan 1869Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I628
14 Bohannon, Richard Owen (Dick)  24 May 1902Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I276
15 Bohannon, Sarah Ann  17 Oct 1879Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I630
16 Bohannon, Thomas Oliphant Jr.  25 Nov 1887Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I632
17 Bohannon, William Jennings Bryan (Bill)  2 Nov 1897Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I635
18 Burgard, Dale Devere  24 Jul 1921Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I18131
19 Burgard, Dorla Jean  8 Nov 1924Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I18132
20 Burgard, Margaret Elizabeth  26 Sep 1927Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I18133
21 Cattron, Mary Elizabeth  26 Apr 1850Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I626
22 Cattron, Nancy Isabelle  24 Mar 1848Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I640
23 Farr, William Henry (Will/W.H.)  24 Jan 1874Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I18076
24 Hammond, Lee Robert  19 Mar 1888Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I18137
25 Robinson, Thomas  10 Oct 1849Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I10272
26 Wickert, Louise M.  5 Sep 1904Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I18138


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bohannon, Fredrick E.  28 Dec 1886Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I10186
2 Bohannon, Harry Marsh  3 Apr 1921Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I633
3 Bohannon, Joseph W.  11 Jul 1882Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I10187
4 Bohannon, Martha Jane  23 May 1967Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I629
5 Bohannon, Nancy Eliza  13 Nov 1965Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I628
6 Brown, Eleanor Jane  11 Sep 1891Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I10188
7 Cattron, Mary Elizabeth  23 Oct 1946Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I626
8 Grewell, Isaac Madison  5 May 1899Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I6774
9 Grewell, Rebecca Jane  14 Dec 1924Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I10273
10 Kettenring, Thomas  23 Oct 1843Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I649
11 Robinson, Thomas  20 Feb 1923Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I10272
12 Scott, Elizabeth Lavina  30 Jan 1917Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I6773
13 Smith, Nancy  21 May 1881Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I636


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID 
1 Bohannon, Sarah Ann  15 Sep 1901Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I630


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Grandt, Ernest Christian  1920Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois I18139


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burgard / Littleton  24 Jul 1920Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois F6988
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